Need Help With Your Trees?


We provide quality tree care to maintain the safety and enhance

the beauty of your yard and landscape

Tree Removal

Vic’s Tree Service specializes in tree removal. Our experienced crews will remove dangerous or unwanted trees from your property taking care to protect the rest of your yard and property


DeadWood Removal

Deadwood removal and pruning services can make your trees healthier and live longer. Vic's Tree Service specializes in deadwood removal and pruning services. We have performed thousands of deadwood and pruning jobs and are ready to help you and your trees.

Tree Trimmings

Get trees away from your home, or just to let a little more sunlight in. Vic’s Tree Service has the right equipment and know how to trim up your trees the right way.


Stump Removal

Taking a tree down is only half the battle. Even when the tree is taken close to the ground, the unsightly and potentially dangerous stump remains. Most often, we can use stump grinding equipment to remove the unwanted stump.

General Cleanup

We have performed thousands of tree service jobs and are ready to help you and your trees. As an experienced tree service company, we also specialize in general cleanup. 


Emergency Service

Wind and rain can pull down trees and when that happens, Vic’s will be there to help. Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency tree services in Fairfax and Sterling VA.