Five Great Places to Enjoy Fall Foliage Near Washington, DC

Don’t you just love Autumn? Vic’s Tree Service does!

The sun is warm, but not hot. The nights are cool and crisp. Campfires burn, and the smell of warm apple cider wafts from open windows everywhere. But perhaps our favorite aspect of Fall is the foliage and oh, the colors. As we creep toward mid-September in northern Virginia (yeah, okay, and everywhere else in the northern hemisphere, too.), the trees that dot our lawns, line our streets, and fill our forests are ablaze in Autumn’s full glory.

Nature lovers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area rejoice in the Fall, for one mustn’t travel far along the busy roads and highways to discover winding paths and a bounty of reds, and oranges and golds.

Places To Visit

Rock Creek Park
An urban oasis, Rock Creek Park encompasses more than 1750 acres, extending for more than 12 miles from the banks of the Potomac River to the District of Columbia’s Maryland border. Visitors to the park can escape from city life; enjoy a picnic or a hike; and commune with nature among the National Park Service-protected forested landscape.

Harpers Ferry National Park
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia can be found where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers meet. Just more than an hour’s drive from our nation’s capital, the adventurer’s haven offers scenic hiking trails, the trees, the colors, guided tours, and tons of Civil War history to boot.

Burke Lake Park
Fairfax County residents, know this: You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the abundance of riches that Fall has to offer. Burke Lake park is home to a 218-acre lake, and varied recreational opportunities that include fishing, camping, boating, and (according to the American Hiking Society) one of the country’s ten best fitness trails.

Black Hill Regional Park
Black Hill Regional Park sits on more than 2000 acres near Boyds, Maryland. Hikers and bikers and horseback riders can enjoy the spectacular sight of Fall foliage as it decorates the shores of Little Seneca Lake. Ten miles of trails and a serene landscape prove the perfect escape for any tree-hugging, wildlife-loving leaf peeper.

Mount Vernon Estate
Mount Vernon was George Washington’s home, and has become one of the most scenic tourist attractions in the area. On the 500-acre estate sits a 14-room mansion, outbuildings, a breathtaking garden, and a museum. Visitors to this mansion on the river might be surprised to learn that the man, George Washington himself, fashioned very specific plans for his expectations of the garden, but they surely won’t be disappointed by the vibrancy and breadth of color on display.

Where is your favorite place to enjoy Fall foliage near Washington, DC?