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What To Do When You Need Emergency Tree Service

When these weather events occur, there are some steps you’ll want to take quickly. (Note that it doesn’t always take a severe weather event to need emergency tree service. When trees get old and don’t get properly cared for, branches or entire trees can come down.)

Your first priority should be safety. Fallen tree debris can shift without notice or additional debris can fall. Make sure children, pets (and you) stay away from the damage in order to avoid injury.


Damaged Home From Fallen Tree

If your home has been damaged, you’ll want to get the offending tree removed quickly, so call Vic’s Tree Service next. We pride ourselves on safely removing trees from houses without creating additional damage.

If you suspect that power lines have been damaged do NOT go near them. Damaged power lines can cause severe injury or death, so do not approach them. If this happened, the first call should be to the power company.

Your home owners insurance company will need to be notified right away. Make the call – most insurance companies have 24 hour hotlines in the event of an emergency.

Trees Can Fall On Anything!

If you need emergency tree service in Northern Virginia, Vic’s Tree Service can help remove dangerous fallen trees.